Director Message

Sri Amal Ranjan De, resident of Kolkata is the founder of the school. He was born in pre-independent India in end of 1945 in Faridpur district, presently in Bangladesh. He migrated to India in 1950.

Mr. De in his childhood studied up to class- VIII in villages of six different districts of West Bengal and was admitted to Ramkrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur in class-IX in 1961. During his study and service in Mission he was a close associate of Swami Lokeswaranandaji Maharaj, Swami Pravanandaji Maharaj, present General Secretary of Ramkrishna Math and Mission and Swami Asaktanandaji Maharaj who was secretary of Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission for a long time. Mr. De had the opportunity to be a student of these great teachers and to work under them.

Mr. De is a qualified engineer. He designed, manufactured and marketed different types of Pharmaceutical and Automatic Packaging machines throughout India and abroad. Thus he became an Industrialist.

In 1976 he was honored by Govt. of India with an innovation award for his contribution in the packaging industries by designing and producing import substitute machineries.

He completed his school study, engineering and management education in villages and cities. His service as well as business activities were also town and city based. Thus he met big cross section of people from poor farmers to doctors, engineers, industrialists and business men and acquired vast knowledge about cultural and socio-economic condition of India and people of this state. He wanted to utilize his ideas and thoughts for the benefit of common people of new generation through education. For his purpose he converted himself to educationist from industrialist. Mr. De did not totally leave his Technical activities. Along with normal school he has started an ITI in a remote village area of Bankura district where school dropout Adivasi boys and girls will be trained in different Technical Trades. Through this venture many poor and tribal boys and girls will be able to establish by taking technical training.