Kolkata Model School Curriculum


Kolkata Model School is a child's world, with everything designed for kids. We believe that children are our future and if we give them a strong and happy foundation, they will be able to build a strong and happy India and a strong and happy world tomorrow.

Age one to six years is a crucial stage in child's development. At this period they require exposure to various sensory activities and rich stimulant environment. This is the best period to take out the hidden qualities of the child. Your child may be destined to become a star, a noble laureate, an astronaut or a scientist and may be signaling his talent, which you are not able to catch. These activities allow the child to develop as an all rounder thus giving him the space to explore for himself through our structure activities. So lets see how we can help our children develop their seven intelligence and you would be astonished at the potentials your child has within himself.

Best Teachers

Teachers at Kolkata Model School act as facilitators and Mentors to our students. The institute lays a lot of emphasis on getting staff trained and updated through its structured training program on child development and the modern approaches. This training is dynamic, insightful and stresses on hands-on skills which ensures that they are fully equipped to facilitate children's development and education.

Liberal Assessment

Genius Kids Assessment helps assessing the Child's understanding. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation ensures that there is cumulative understanding of the Child's strengths and opportunity areas. No child is left behind as Liberal assessment ensures that each child is tested the way he understands. The assessment lays stress on the uniqueness of each child, her way of leaning and reciprocating to situations.

Unique Life Skills

Our Life Skills is a highly interactive, skill-based program designed to promote positive health and personal development for students. It helps students navigate the challenges of the school years and prepares them for the independence and responsibilities that they will encounter as young adults. The program uses developmentally appropriate and collaborative learning strategies to help students achieve competency in the skills that student needs to be successful in the society.